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To me this one smells kind of like…kindness. Southampton escort massage. I hoped it would work better on my skin. That's it, that's all I get. I don't know where that's coming from. Estee lauder sensuous nude perfume. I am a woody floral musk fanatic. Longevity goes on for about 6 hours.

Fragrance smells like skin warmed by the sun. This would be an ideal office scent, as it is not too strong or overbearing. I wonder if he thought the same thing.

Not only that but it comes off as kind of sheer, which again doesn't match up with the presentation. And here I have, coconut cookies in perfume Sillage is soft, making this ideal for the workplace. Walking dead girls naked. Warm and sultry, balmy and sweet, when I first tried this I got warm hugs all around. Gradually, the heliotrope and gorgeous woods, with a touch of vanilla and amber. My favorite is also the Noir.

I don't know why this caught my eye, but Im sure glad it did. This is a nice smelling perfume. It lasts on my skin about hours and it won't fill a room, but its not a skin scent either. Very mature but not "old ladyishelegant I also told my boyfriend this better be one of my Christmas gifts.

I have tried the eau de perfume which lasts a bit longer but I prefer the EDT. Today, Elisa revisits Sensuous and its two flankers.

Its what I wear when I want my skin to smelll like its been warmed by the sun. Warm, creamy, and spicy in my clothes. I am in Beijing and the pollution is so thick today that one could cut the air with a knife. Puerto rican women nude pics. I love this so much. As it settles on my skin, the woody scent remains and is joined by a soapy vanilla -- a very behind the scenes sweetness.

Gorgeous and powdery dry coconut! Warm and beautiful creation full of sunshine and beachy vibe. More reviews by jhenley. I just want to feel the feeling it creates. It's a nice feminine, not too racy, nor goody two shoes either.

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Unfortunately, I'm getting sun tan lotion, tropical fruit drinks, and a little too much vanilla. Mega tits bra. I adore this so much. Start your review 5 4 3 2 1.

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I love when scents give me such strong visuals. The perfume is immediately attractive, happy, feminine and cuddling. Mostly a skin scent on me. Brunette, Straight, Coarse Eyes: But simple or not, Sensuous is exceedingly comfortable and well done. The drydown is musky with vanilla. More about how and why I blog. After about minutes, it turns creamy again, but the citrus is still present.

Fast forward to last night, when hubs presented me with a 1 ounce bottle he had gotten for next-to-nothing. Fine lesbian sex. Estee lauder sensuous nude perfume. I smell zero coconut in this. The old Egoiste is the best mainstream ish sandalwood, I think. How fabulous is that? I've had a couple other perfumes that end up smelling of cedar or pencil shavings on me. I think if you're expecting a tropical coconut this is not the one, but if you like woodsy, powdery, warm smells, with a hint of mild coconut this one is for you.

I strongly suggest sampling before you commit to a full sized bottle. I understand it has now been discontinued completely. As the fragrance wears, about 2 or so hours into wearing this - it begins to harmonize more with my chemistry. I tried this a few times both on paper and on my skin. Nude hairy girls. It stays close to skin, it is very feminine, sexy, sensuous and soft. I think this smells better on the skin than on paper! I'll stick to the classic fragrances of Madame Lauder that I adored and fell in love with and hope she visits the crew from beyond the grave to set them straight.

One of my fave perfumes ever!! Someone mentioned that it was great for a day when you want people to notice you smell good without thinking you're wearing capital P perfume, and I concur. Great beachy skin smell.

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Only then did the perfume start to seem a bit coarse. Smells like skin that's been in the sun for a few hours. Love the violet glass too. Nude bikini ass. Lesbian sex long Modern Muse I really, really liked on paper, although it does rather smell like a bunch of other department store woody florals. Sensuous Nude is a new version of the original perfume Sensuous from I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who likes their EDP with a rich sillage, as it's not a perfume that screams its presence, yet I do find this lingers for days on t-shirts and lingerie and lasts mid afternoon about 6 hours before needing a top-up.

It's so nice and does give me the impression of something beachy but not. Still I'll enjoy this as a day scent this summer. Blond, Straight, Coarse Eyes: So gentle it's fragile. The coconut smells so good and as well has a tropical vibe and light vanilla note wich makes it pleasant and delicious.

Some smooth light coconut, some very light musk, this scent is the olfactory equivalent of candlelight if that makes any sense.


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